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We Saw the Need in the Industry – Then Filled It.

AquaRecycle, as the global leader in laundry water recycling over the last 15 years, we had been repeatedly asked about how our customers could address the "dry side" of their laundry operations. The idea of ThermalRecycle was born by introducing Heat Wheel technology to capture the heat from the dry exhaust.

We realized the best and most efficient use of this heat was re-introducing the heat back into the dryer through the incoming air stream or by isolating the intake location to bring the heat to. One challenge was the prevention of the exhaust air, moisture, hydrocarbons and lint from getting into the incoming air stream. This would cause linen quality issues as well as defeating the goal of energy reduction as well as reduction of drying times. This was where previous designs by other manufactures failed.

Our unique design uses a self-contained system outside the dryer and within the unit, we separate the exhaust and incoming airstreams with a barrier. The only component that is exposed to both sides is the Heat Wheel. By using a small motor to rotate the wheel, heat is continuously absorbed on one side and them released on the other side. The other challenge we had was lint buildup on the heat wheel. So we developed a patent pending articulation arm to blast air through the wheel, keeping it continuously free from lint and debris and helping capture all the energy from the exhaust and reusing it all back into the dryers.


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A Revolutionary Energy Savings System for All Commercial Dryers

  • Up to 50% reduction in energy usage
  • Up to 30% reduction in drying time
  • Simple, completely automated operation
  • No maintenance required
  • No lint or moisture transfer to incoming air stream
  • Outside of dryer operation – can be installed next to, above or ever roof mounted